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The name given to someone who always brightens your day, no matter how bad it was. Beijul is the name that is given to an angel who has come from heaven. Beijul is the name given to people who are great friends and students.
Beijul helps people with their homework.
Beijul helps people feel better.
Beijul is gentle.
Beijul is a great sibling.
Beijul is the best friend a person could ever have.
Beijul is tall.
Beijul likes jeans (dark jeans).
Beijul hates being called Bagel by people she not close to.
Beijul always gets A's on her report cards.
Beijul is good at art.
Beijul is a little quite.
Beijul needs more friends like Soenika, Misha, Simran, Malika, Rayyan and Leslie
Beijul is pretty.
Beijul likes to shop at Old Navy.
Beijul is a name usually given to indian girls.
Beijul likes to dance.
Beijul usually plays the flute.
"Why can't everyone be like Beijul??? Life would be sooo perfect if it was like that..."
" Thanks for helping me with my homework like Beijul."
by SoMaBeMiSi March 11, 2014

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