irc jargon normally used to refer to short asian males that tend to frown a lot. when there is only one beige present, you can refer to him directly as Beige.
And then Beige frowned for three hours straight.
by inmate2993 July 26, 2003
Crack Cocaine, cocain cooked down after being mixed with baking soda and a small amount of water. Term found in Tampa, possibly New York.
I sold them 2 20s of that beige.
by Kevin Macdonald July 15, 2006
Someone - generally a male - who is mindnumbingly dull and predictable. Said male might actually believe he is interesting but the sad realities of his existence fail to colour his personality.
He came on like he was all that, but in reality, he was so beige
by downtownlynn March 11, 2009
Pretty much the only color in Edward Cullen's closet.
Edward LOVES beige.
Seriously, just read the Twilight books.
by Pengin August 25, 2008
Fucking average in every possible way, so unremarkable as to be unimportant also, as defined by an Aussie.
People end up beige and think that they have done something with their lives.
by crazyamericangal December 18, 2006
A very "blah" feeling about something. A negatively rooted apatheticism.
I am so beige about that look. It's so lame on anyone besides Paris Hilton.
by Joshua200 January 09, 2006
the word means you are not feeling too braw! most likely you have particapated in consuming copius amounts of mind altering substances, not necessarily on a legal basis. you may find yourself talking bullshit to this site as we are pure BEIGE AS FUCK ya dobber man!!!!!
ya beige jobby!

were a couple i beige tadgers!!!!
by jonz and mandy August 14, 2008
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