A very "blah" feeling about something. A negatively rooted apatheticism.
I am so beige about that look. It's so lame on anyone besides Paris Hilton.
by Joshua200 January 09, 2006
Fucking average in every possible way, so unremarkable as to be unimportant also, as defined by an Aussie.
People end up beige and think that they have done something with their lives.
by crazyamericangal December 18, 2006
In most cases, Beige is a idiom used to describe the way someone is currently acting, often in a derogatory way. The person it's directed towards usually is doing something the acuser finds to be incorrect and/or inappropriate.

The word itself is derived from the orignal term "Blowjob", and more preticuarly it's common abberviation "BJ".
Mike: "No way, Im not giving you back your five dollars."

Bob: "Why are you being such a beige?"
by bawls44 March 28, 2009
a word used when nothing else can be said...
hey dude that party was crazy
ya my mom got nude
(awkward silence)
by Sean Jaskiewicz April 25, 2008
a crazy dog. Gets owned by a Wazubba ina duel.
The beige got pwned by the Wazubba
by THE LEET DEMON October 14, 2004
adj. stemming from beige whole, otherwise known as the anus. coomonly used to refer to the crapiness of something.
from the latin Beijius
you and your beige car, beige hat,beigehole make me sick
by Pubert Quebert Quakenbusch April 05, 2003
The direct opposite of rave,
Have you seen that new cable programme, 'rave eye for the beige guy'
by Pip April 24, 2005

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