(noun) Replacement of Epic

(verb) Replacement of Pwned
e.g. those flying monkeys were totally beige!
e.g. dude, you just got beiged with that your mom joke!
#pwned #owned #epic #awesome #cool #biege #bieged
by Kopachio Sanchez May 12, 2009
'Lithgae, Scotland' A word takin from a Billy Connely show in which he refers to a beige jobby in a train toilet.
Now used as a term to describe oneself as feeling beige whilst either seriously under the influence of substances or suffering from such indulgence.
1) Am beige as fuck man.

2) Can't be arsed am too beige.
#fucked #hungover #oot yer nut #feelin brutal #destroyed
by Jonz November 18, 2006
A word for people of undetermined race. A person whose skin is beige, making it impossible to figure out their ancestry as they are darker than a white person but lighter than a black person, but not Latino or Asian. Can get away with race jokes and blend into all crowds because no one knows what their deal is.
Check out that beige guy, blending in with the brown kids.
#interracial #black #white #nigger #cracker
by crackbaby megan April 29, 2006
Refering to an indivdual (or group of people) that is average, common place, boring, drab, dull, typical, "not all that".

A person who tends to have no style or apparent aesthetic indivdualality.
In seeing a table full of guys wearing Bud t-shirts, pull over sweats, nappy tennis shoes, and talking about some dribble, like the lastest sitcom on CBS....

"Geez - those guys are so beige!"
by Patty Dreggz November 30, 2004
Stems from the stupid orange-like brown colour.

A mixture of dull, boring and irritatingly tedious.
Dude, that guy was so damn BEIGE!
by <*}}}}>< May 06, 2004
A mixture of tired, hang-overs, comedowns and just generally feeling like shit.

Originates from Linlithgow, Scotland.
Beige is the morning after an ecto-bender. Beige is the day after the day you drank 2 liters of vodka. Beige is the comedown after a 2 day non-stop, no sleep party.
#beige #tired #comedown #biege #urgghhhhhhhh
by PuzO July 13, 2007
Meaning boring or bored
This party is so beige.
I'm like so beige right now.Theres nothing to do
#boring #bored #loser #party #now
by Izzie June 15, 2006
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