beiber/bee-bur/v. the act of a baby pushing spoon-fed food out of his mouth, such as; strained carrots, spinach or yummy pear sauce
Did you taste that Cackalacky Pumpkin Ale?" I just had to beiber it.
by paulie29708 October 05, 2010
the period of growth of a child well before they reach puberty; espescially when they are at an age where they shouldve hit puberty years ago,
Poor kid, he's only Beiber and his 15!
by Happyfacewithbigsmile April 13, 2010
A "Beiber" is a 12-16 year old boy with the annoying fringe and dress sense as demonstrated by Justin Beiber.
Look at that little gay boy, he is such a beiber!
by JRthegodofwords February 14, 2011
The wrong spelling of the last name of Justin Bieber. Usually used by people who do not like him, and don't care / purposely spell his name wrong.
God I hate that Justin Beiber kid." "Me too, bro.
by coolstorybro7412 February 12, 2011
A good looking male who is or could possibly be underage/illegal. Inspired by singer/songwriter Justin Beiber.
"Man that guy is hot!"

"Wait, I think he's a Beiber."

"Oh damn, nevermind.."
by agatorsh37 March 24, 2010

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