Another word for Bitch. Can be used to describe an unpleasant person or event.
Derived from the singer Justin Beiber.
That guy is such a Beiber!
Beiber Please!
It was raining like a Beiber last night.
by LuciFerSure March 23, 2010
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A homosexual act when a man is giving a deep throat blowjerky to another man while simultaneously roughly fingering his hairy anus.
Did you hear that Justin now has a colon problem. Yea, I bet it is due to the violent Beiber he so graciously received last night.
by Spurgeon December 06, 2009
The act of vomitting violently.
I did nothing but beiber all Saturday night.
by Spunk'dRansoming October 29, 2010
beiber/bee-bur/v. the act of a baby pushing spoon-fed food out of his mouth, such as; strained carrots, spinach or yummy pear sauce
Did you taste that Cackalacky Pumpkin Ale?" I just had to beiber it.
by paulie29708 October 05, 2010
the period of growth of a child well before they reach puberty; espescially when they are at an age where they shouldve hit puberty years ago,
Poor kid, he's only Beiber and his 15!
by Happyfacewithbigsmile April 13, 2010
30 seconds of mind numbing intercourse, over almost before it began. Sex over so quickly even Al Bundy would mock it.
I heard they are renaming the express lane at Walmart to the Beiber lane!
by WTFdidthatjusthappen November 02, 2011
Can be a noun or verb, describes either a crap, or the act of taking a crap.
I ate so many hot wings last night, this morning I took 3 beibers before lunch time.

I was sitting in the bathroom stall and someone opened the door right in the middle of me beibering.
by brandonlh August 19, 2011

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