A) A person who is overweight but denies it. And then he calls skinny people cows.

B) A 12 year old boy who tries to show off his quote on quote strength by beating up on kids smaller and thinner than him.

C) A complete ass.
A) Josh: Hey behzad I way 50 pounds, how much do u weigh?
Behzad: 350 pounds, and by the way josh, u are a fat ass cow.

B) Josh: Behzad u see any girls u like?
Behzad: Yea* (*Starts punching josh in front of 17 year old)

C) Behzad: Hey im gonna ride my donkey to school.
Josh: Thats cool, im gonna ride my hairy behzad.
by joshcole87 January 06, 2013
Top Definition
its usually given to the cutes and good looking member of the family and all girls go for him
i saw this boy behzad fuck 3 girls at one party and had girls sweatin him out
by broke nigga January 02, 2005
a person who has such characteristic features as kindness, forgiveness,mercifulness,faithfulness, lovileness....
Behzad, the best man i have ever seen.
We will be happy together!
by Tahmina December 26, 2005
a person who is extremly tall, and has many attractive materialistic characteristics such as clothes shoes accesories and $MONEY$. Known as one who is raw and has not much emotion of love but has a very soft side and is filled with love for certain people, and only allowes him/her self 2 reveal that side to those he is close with and respects.
"yo look at that guy, so tall and shit, hes so damn behzad!"
by clean2 April 21, 2007
An Iranian synonym for "big" or "large".
Wow, that truck is really behzad.
by |AoC| JyL October 01, 2005
1. The evolutionary mistake that occurred when man evolved from monkey. physically disgusting, so unnaturally ugly that it has been recorded as the leading cause of sexual misconduct with animals 2. one who is responsible for destruction of all that is good and natural, causing pain, making little babies cry 3. also associated with homosexuality , or one who is in the freudian sense fixated on the anal stage.
Damn dude, did you see that Behzad??! I don't know what to do...i'm emotionally scarred...
by King Behzad April 19, 2006

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