To embarass, befuddle, cross someone up so bad so that their ankles break
Jamalcom was behooved by Jamarcus so bad that his ankles broke and he began crying as Jamarcus harlem-shaked and the ladies flocked to him cuz he's a P.I.M.P.
by Jamalcom April 23, 2003
Top Definition
To be advantageous to or appropriate.
"Supposin you wanted to go hiking in the woods with Ralph, it would behoove you to wear nice boots."
by JulesTheCrow March 21, 2008
A word that pretentious snobs use to sound like 16th-century douchebags.
D.F. Baggerson III: "I use words like "behoove" so people will assume that I'm cultured and refined."
by Graphik January 21, 2009
Used by Charlie Sheen in the series Two & A Half Men, it basically means benefit.
It would behoove you to eat with your mouth closed on a date.
by alonerwatchintv December 29, 2011
1. To Confuse
2. To cross up in a way in which the opponent's ankles are shattered and the behoover partakes in a ritualistic dance (i.e. Harlem Shake) with a member of his own team. This eventually leads to the person who has been behooved to be booed off the court, only to be raplaced by another unsuspecting player.
Get off da damn court Jamarcus, u just yo ass behooved by Jamalcom. Fo shiggety.
by Jamalcom April 23, 2003
to urge or threaten another person to run
"Don't make me behoove you."
by Female Asian Holden October 10, 2003
1. To Confuse
2. To cross up, shake, break ankles
Jamarcus Shabazz behooved Jamalcom's ass.
by Jamarcus Shabazz April 15, 2003
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