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1.To make a friend
2.To beat the crap out of someone. Oriignates from the anime seris "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha", where the titular protaginst makes sevreal friends by beating out of them.
She befriended the crap out of them
by Keyan Farlander September 03, 2008
To violently attack someone with very dangerous and extremely powerful blasts of magical pink light until your target sees the validity of your viewpoint.
"If you won't stand down, I'll have to befriend you!" "Oh god, please, don't befriend me!" "Brace yourself; You're about to be befriended!"
by Bearorcat February 04, 2010
Make friends with an isolated person to introduce them to your community or group.

Often relates to minority cultures or interests such as gay people who are in the process of coming out.
The Reading Gay Link group befriended 5 people in the last year of which 2 became
by English Boy December 03, 2004
One not a friend; an enemy
A girl saw her best friend talking to illegit, and immediately befriended her.
by depht April 27, 2005
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