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Plural of beef. Funny word.
Yo soy los biftecs (beeves) con queso.
by Paulie T. December 20, 2005
To "beef" is a word used extremely much in the ghetto areas in Norway, basically when someone is trashtalking to you they're beefin' - This basically means "To eat beef" that means to eat beef but are used as response to trashtalk.

This word has roots from the Ghetto Romsås, a place in Norway.
Boy 1: You look like a fucking twat.
Boy 2: Why are you beefin' (beefe) bro?
Boy 1: Cause you're a twat.
Boy 2: Don't expect me to be gentle to you when you're getting jumped.
by Eyalchu November 28, 2013
The equivalent of God. In the Beeven kingdom, the Beeves are respected Deities. All people must honor the Beeves. Beeves is used in many early pieces of literature and is the plural of beef.
-Hey did you see the God-like cows yesterday at the ranch?
-Yeah. They were Beeves.
by Sustainer of Beeves April 07, 2011