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some one who has exceptional drinking, specifically beer, abilities you look up to. they aren't just your hero, they are your beero.
Damn Benson, you can really put away beer. You're my beero bro.
by 49erFanatic March 06, 2013
Anyone, man or woman that can handle their beer!
You just drank a 12 pack and still making sense. You are all my Beeroes!!!
by NebraskaN8 March 23, 2014
Cross between beer and hero;

A person who shows up for a party with lots of beer, just as the party supply runs out.
Here comes Kirk with 15 cases of ice cold beer! He's my beero!
by iknowsquat January 20, 2012
A person who performs well when playing drinking games.
John is the fraternity beero after winning beer pong 5 times.
by nlan1 September 30, 2010
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