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An ugly woman or man
Verb: Beeling or Beelin'

Check her, she's beeling!

Adjective: Beeler

Did you see Paulinesy, he pulled a pure beeler!
by Porter the Beeler August 11, 2011
A process by which an individual consumes vast quantities of milk and then settles down for a nap, no matter what their current cirumstance. (e.g. In the middle of their shift at work.)
Inspired by the actions of the one and only Milkmonster.
"Dude, I can't be bothered working any more. I'm going for a Beeling session, seeya in an hour"

"Work was boring as hell last night, so I Beeled it to pass the time"
by Cobby July 23, 2006
To bleed from ones nose before having sex with a mates mum.
It is also a hybrid insult:
For example, before trying to seduce your best friends mother ones nose will suddenly start bleeding, known simply as beeling. Quite inconvenient.
by rare August 16, 2003
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