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A stank-ass ho whose honeypot is crawlin' with critters.
Dude: That bish look fine!
Bro: Careful, brah. That vagina hive got da bees, son!
Dude: Word? I ain't down with a beekeeper.
Ho: Come gimme yer honey rod, boyz!
Dude/bro: Bitch, please. Your crawlin-ass 'comb could sting a cock ta deth!
by Rot Bot November 01, 2013
4 1
A woman in possession of or in the act of using a vibrator.
1. Pam's going to have a lonely weekend so she's planning to be a bee keeper.

2. Is your mom bee keeping in the other room?
by dogbat April 19, 2011
4 6
The act of inserting a mason jar filled with angry hornets into someone's anus until just the very end is visible at which point the glass is shattered with a hammer or other blunt object.
I wanna give that bitch a Bee keeper.
by Sothy April 22, 2012
0 4
An undefinable insult levelled at someone of whose opinion you hold no value.

Originated in the US sitcom "8 Simple Rules", stolen and propagated by Ian Whitcombe.
Whatever, beekeeper!
You are *such* a beekeeper!
by LardBoy January 25, 2005
34 93
a Muslim women, given that a Muslim women's usual attire resembles that of a beekeeper
we don't do this, we don't do that, we like our women dressed like fucking beekeepers - a typical Muslim
by imascatman August 30, 2007
28 92