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A stank-ass ho whose honeypot is crawlin' with critters.
Dude: That bish look fine!
Bro: Careful, brah. That vagina hive got da bees, son!
Dude: Word? I ain't down with a beekeeper.
Ho: Come gimme yer honey rod, boyz!
Dude/bro: Bitch, please. Your crawlin-ass 'comb could sting a cock ta deth!
by Rot Bot November 01, 2013
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A woman in possession of or in the act of using a vibrator.
1. Pam's going to have a lonely weekend so she's planning to be a bee keeper.

2. Is your mom bee keeping in the other room?
by dogbat April 19, 2011
The act of inserting a mason jar filled with angry hornets into someone's anus until just the very end is visible at which point the glass is shattered with a hammer or other blunt object.
I wanna give that bitch a Bee keeper.
by Sothy April 22, 2012
An undefinable insult levelled at someone of whose opinion you hold no value.

Originated in the US sitcom "8 Simple Rules", stolen and propagated by Ian Whitcombe.
Whatever, beekeeper!
You are *such* a beekeeper!
by LardBoy January 25, 2005
a Muslim women, given that a Muslim women's usual attire resembles that of a beekeeper
we don't do this, we don't do that, we like our women dressed like fucking beekeepers - a typical Muslim
by imascatman August 30, 2007

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