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British slang meaning to joke or kid in a most unbecoming manner. Originated in 2010 when a Gawker.com article featuring a little girl, Azura Beebeejuan, pretended to be dead on Googler Earth, caused a nationwide search for the girls identity, only to find out that she was alive and well.
Example 1

Kid 1:Where the hell is my rabbit, Dasher, and whats that smell!?

Kid 2:Have you check the stove

Kid 1 runs to boiling vat on stove
Kid 1:ZOMG you didn't how could you!? Punches Kid 2

Kid 2:Dude thats your mums fucking broad chested pheasant, 'Dasher's under that table, geez.

Kid 1: What oh, haha! I cant believe I got beejuaned,.. no hit backs!!

Example 2

Girl 1: I can't believe that cunt dinged my car, and didn't tell me!!

Girl 2: That bitch is getting beejuaned tonight!!
by Jenn/Allen August 12, 2010