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The sexual act of one person pooping in another person's vagina.
Yo dude, I can't hang out today, I gotta drive my chick to the doc's office because I beef taco'd her last night and now she's got a UTI.
by Tinga Poblana November 18, 2010
The result of a woman wiping back to front, resulting in poop smeared in her vagina.
She gets a lot of infections due to her beef taco.
by zombiefood October 14, 2009
The sexual act of taking a shit inside a vagina.

X: Want a Beef Taco?
Y: Yea, like I'm ganna fall for that one
X: Want a Beef Taco?
Y: Yea, like I'm ganna fall for that one
by Pain E. December 10, 2010
When one shits with ass cheeks clamped tightly together so it prevents shit from smoothly coming out. This results with the shit being extruded out the sides of the crack.
He made a beef taco inside the lecture hall
by ELdunno February 24, 2009
The act of taking a shit in the palm of your hand and smearing it in the ass crack of your gay lover while he is tied to a statue of a bald cory feldman
Person A: Hey what did you do last night?
Person B: Not much just gave a beef taco to my bud
Person A: A beef taco?
Person B: You don't want to know...
Person B: ...shit everywhere....even on cory
by Doogrim February 28, 2009
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