when you take your hand and place it on ones head(on your shoulders you pervs) and then take the other one a and hit it as hard as you can!! BEE BOP IDY BOP!!
bee bop, to place hand on your head and then hit it with your other one
by SILLY JOE November 14, 2003
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Someone who is infatuated with the fragrance of his and others' weiners.
Dude, look out for Beebop. He's got that scent on lockdown.
by snizmasterdeluxe June 20, 2011
a yellowish hue designed for cars in the late 80s.
Brent's car was beebop
by Bobby trent January 25, 2005
Slang for marijuana...
I love beebop alot...
by Me March 10, 2005

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