bee-bo/bee-bee/bee-buh is a statment proclaiming extreme cuteness, it is pronounced the way it is spelled but you must say it very high-pitched while wearing a grin of utter satisfaction to get the meaning across...
Eric: Hey Elana, whats going on?
Elana: Not much, you?
(a kitten or other cute little animal walks past)
Elana: Ohhhhh, bee-bee!!!
(Eric nods)
by Elana Harper January 26, 2004
Top Definition
Nickname given to the band Panic! at the disco's lead singer, Brendon Urie, because of his middle name being Boyd. He has acknowledged it before, saying it doesn't make sense and should be Breebo but his periscope fans continue to call him it
Panic! Fan: Beebo Urie is my son and my husband.
Non-Fan: who and what
by Brendonuriebae June 01, 2015
the worlds greatest flash invention.
a small and rather agressive cat, chronically addicted to smoking
whats that?!
by taaz himself April 07, 2003
The cat what has facial hair. Greatest flash animation ever made, and ever WILL be made. ALL HAIL BEEBO!
Harry: Hey!
Crocodile dundee: what do youuu want?
Harry: I want me sandawich.
by Spoon Worshiper January 20, 2004
Beebo is a prime example of new age computerized pop culture.

A flash movie produced by
Harry:"Hey Beebo, Hows It hanging"

Harry:"Thiiiiissss is sooooooo gayyyy, if it were any worse it would be Wisconsin, the shit state."
Wisonsinite:"Shut youre damn mouth!"
Harry:"Youre right beebo, they should be called shit-heads."
by Conador2 May 06, 2003
A fluffy little red animal created by Professor Utonium as a pet for The Powerpuff Girls. Beebo is designed to be engery efficient, and must only be fed once or he'll grow to massive proportions.
by Miss Maleficus April 19, 2003
A cajun term for belly button
Mom: where is your beebo?
Toddler: points to belly button
by thefamilykind April 18, 2015
another term for going to bed, or to sleep
"i'm off to beebos"
"i'm so tired i'm going to beebos"
by The Jazz Man July 13, 2009
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