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1) to be jizzed on.

A male ejaculates on a female, usually after sex. It can also happen to a male, who is jizzed on by another male (or even himself).

2) Used to describe sex when teachers or other authority members are around. The teacher/authority member will think they misheard "became."
Example One:

Emily: Hey girl! What happened last night?!? You and Nathan left right after the party! everyone was talking...

Allison: Haha well I don't want to say much, but I was becummed :)

Emily: OMG! ur so lucky! hes a hottie...

Allison: I know, he tastes good too

Example two:

Bill: Yo Nick, whatever happened to you and yo girl last night?

Nick: oh dude, she was amazing! I totally becummed her.

Bill: Nice, she's tight.
by Yo moommma is good in bed December 02, 2009

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