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noun ( pl. beckygasms)
A gasm in the below the belt area that occures when a person who is adorably cute is around.
Becky: Hello
Ray: rfghfgyujfhfghgjfc
Becky: ??
Ray: beckygasm lol
Becky: oooo
by AlanIan March 08, 2010
A "water fall" sensation that originates when the beautiful creature, Becky_doc, is present.
Becky: Hello :)
Ir0n: DURFG!
Becky: Oh dear!
Ray: I just beckygasm'd!

Becky: oooo
by AlanIan March 08, 2010
When sexual liquids pour from your sexual organ after hot-shot, sexy alligator, Becky does something incredibility cute.
Becky: *turns MSN cam on*
Becky: ??
Ray: I just made a beckygasm in my pants.
by AlanWatts March 12, 2010
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