A very attractive woman who loves and respects her boyfriend. She likes to be somewhat nerdy, but has a sexy body; her beautiful, brown eyes are very warming and brings out her ever-so-perfectly formed body build. Her smile shows a personal character who has a great sense of humor; she is the best woman you will ever meet. She is humorously violent, and can easily be considered a sexy ninja. Becky is only attracted to sweet men who respect her and love her for who she really is.
She looks indescribably amazing; must be Becky!
by Ninja Mouse November 01, 2012
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according to plies, giving head,
Yo i want sum becky you leave
by tavian15 June 18, 2009
Another name for getting head, getting a blowjob, the act of receiving oral sex.
I just got becky from Jessica. Shit was so cash!
by Jimminy Crickitt June 26, 2009
According to Plies, "Becky" is referring to the act of fellatio. Plies terms the act "Becky" because of the widely held notion and/or stereotype that Caucasian women are somewhat more sexually liberal in terms of frequency of encounters, random partnering, and overall lasciviousness. With "Becky" being a popular name given to females at birth in the White society, one can assume that Plies simply chose this name because of its unique association to "Whiteness", particularly where the female is concerned.
Give me that becky!
by Lovely Leo October 13, 2009
An amazing girl who can be quite quiet but likes to listen to other people. She doesn't realise how much she is worth and doubts herself often. She keeps loved ones close and doesn't realise quite how loved she is. She is committed in relationships. She also has a lovely body and a pretty face. She complains about being ugly/fat when she is in fact beautiful.
Have you seen becky today? she looks amazing
by Claireybum April 11, 2011
giving good head, or a girl who gives head. see the song becky by plies. the song descrives how plies likes head and how it should be given
i want your mouth, gimme that becky.

just got becky, i cant move. i love becky, yes i do.
by thebestbecky June 27, 2009
hot white girls, or snobish women
look at them beckys over there.
by rich3000 September 04, 2006
The name of the best girlfriend a guy could wish for. Kind, pretty, good looking and absolutely amazing. If you have a girlfriend like this, then you are extremely lucky.
Guy 1: You going out with that becky girl?
Guy 2: Yeah
Guy 1: You lucky bastard...
by gagrange May 07, 2011

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