The name of the best girlfriend a guy could wish for. Kind, pretty, good looking and absolutely amazing. If you have a girlfriend like this, then you are extremely lucky.
Guy 1: You going out with that becky girl?
Guy 2: Yeah
Guy 1: You lucky bastard...
by gagrange May 07, 2011
A basic bitch.
"She's a typical Becky."
by Amylikescatslol March 08, 2016
The most awesome. She's stunning, fabulous and a total heart throb.
Becky is totally gorgeous
by AJ the man June 25, 2011
Becky is a short, sweet girl who is very cute, loving, caring and is great with people and animals. She may be short in stature, but do not underestimate her! Bubbly, smart, amazing, talented, she is exactly what every guy hopes to ever have in their lives. Her big eyes and friendly voice is sure to brighten anyone's day!
friend: you are all smiles today

friend 2: that's because I saw Becky!
by b&m1788 April 27, 2013
The best possible friend anybody could have. She can be shy and quiet but is super awesome. She's so pretty in a different way to average pretty. She is quirky and VERY huggable. The kind of girl that it is impossible not to love when you first see her. The kind of person you want to be around every day of every hour of every year. The absolute most wacky girl in the world: she is so cool. Not boastful but modest.
girl 1: Your so super pretty!!! XX
girl 2 (becky): nah!!<3 ur so kind!!! You r the prettiest.!
by funky marshmellow March 09, 2013
A sweetheart.
Lil Becky is a sweetheart<3 :)
by uhhhhhhmmm April 28, 2011
a woman of God, redeemed by the blood of Jesus and sent to bring hope to a broken world
Nothing, and I mean nothing, can hold Becky back from the love of her Abba.
by egbsk8rboi April 13, 2011
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