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From Bzooty to Whiskeyclone (and yes, Bender, Odelay), it includes all the crazy words Beck probably uses in his songs that don't really exist but sorta do.
Bender: I could write a song, and using real words, not "odelay."
Beck's head: Odelay IS a word! Check the Becktionary!
by Bender Bending Rodriguez November 02, 2005
Introduced in Futurama, the Becktionary defines all things Beck that are ambiguous.
WTF is a devil's haircut? Also, WTF is Odelay?
"Odelay is a word. Look it up in the Becktionary."
by Holly C May 26, 2006
On Futurama, when Leela raised the question of whether or not odelay is really a word, Beck suggested that she check her becktionary; this is a dictionary of words that Beck has made up or given new definitions to, presumably. These include: odelay, sea change, devil's haircut, bizness, sexx, etc.
"Is 'sissyneck' a word?"

"I dunno. Check the becktionary."
by David. April 19, 2005

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