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A great little town in the heart of southern West Virgnia. Very big for tourists. I-64 and I-77 along with other roadways run throught Beckley. Full of great people. Woodrow Wilson High School located in Beckley has won 16 state basketball championships.
Beckley, WV is a great place to visit while traveling.
by yeahboyyyy April 11, 2008
A small yet growing city in Southern West Virginia that even other people in the state never heard of, let alone the rest of the country. Beckley is the biggest city closest to the Western Hemisphere's longest arch bridge and near one of the oldest rivers on the planet, the New River. Yet people still haven't heard of Beckley.
A person from Clarksburg, WV: So where are you from?
A person from Beckley, WV: Oh I am from Beckley.
A person from Clarksburg, WV: Where the heck is that?
A person from Beckley, WV: Umm its like only 2 hours south of Clarksburg.
A person from Clarksburg, WV: In Virginia or Kentucky?
A person from Beckley, WV: Just go to hell.
by Billyranawaywithme November 01, 2012
a very ugly and tiny town located in the armpit of West Virginia; hillbilly central.
Beckley resident 1: my cousins got married last weekend!

Beckley resident 2: at the same time?

Beckley resident 1: how else could they get married if they weren't together?
by Adamo2012 March 20, 2008
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