a slang word for bitch. Started in claymont delaware
you are such a beaw,get out of here.
by Joseph Plumley December 23, 2006
Top Definition
A term used by couples who were probably Just friends to begin with but one was most likely a total James.
hey beaw so what do you want to do today?
by Ninjanonja April 05, 2010
This is the sound made by a devil pig.
The hell swine said "BeAW!" when he saw Robert Reeves
by 1nc06n170 April 20, 2003
The sound made by those lacking the intellect necessary to form intelligible words.
Staring at him blankly, totally crushed by his words, beaw suddenly screeched from his lips with an aggressive anger over having been so easily shown up.
by Spencer April 29, 2003
Confirmation on the usage of beaw
"BeAW is a verb dammit!"
Reeves eats starfish in his freetime
by Kl0WN May 02, 2003
"Beaw" is a verb, not a noun you cock mongrel.
Spencer took it up the ass when he dropped his soap in prison.
by bioslayerx May 01, 2003
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