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A small, grungy town in northern Alberta which is known for its gratuitous amounts of narcotics, trampy women, constant gusting winds that turn a nice, sunny day into a miserable one and, most importantly, its giant beaver statue.

People will only ever live in Beaverlodge for one of two reasons: (1) to make money (which is generally in abundance because nobody actually wants to be there) or (2) because they're too poor to leave. This often occurs because people are bored and resort to narcotics for recreational purposes.

While utterly depressing and generally the most uninteresting place you'll ever see, the few people who are able to maintain a relatively healthy level of sanity while living in Beaverlodge are able to do so through the enactment of downward social comparison, i.e. comparing themselves to the people of Wembley, Horse Lake, and Hythe -neighbouring communities.
Beaverlodgian: "Oh... My... Gosh... I hate my life. I think I'll go end it upon that needlessly ugly giant beaver statue".

*A Wemblian, Horse-Laker, and a Hythian walk by*

Beaverlodgian: "Well, I guess Beaverlodge isn't THAT bad... Maybe I'll just go snort some coke instead"
by JPaps December 19, 2010

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