A person with very high standards, He or she is basically someone you dont like, and someone who is a bitch/asshole. They are very into themselves and like to draw attention to little things. They think they are good at everything, when there really not.
"Omg did you see what glorida brought to school with her today, everyone was looking at her, ew."
by OH ya kNOw it May 03, 2006
Top Definition
beaver like creature often found in the cockpit of a truck or its natural habitat - the library
Geezer 1: "oi bev mate you goin drag race?"

Beaven: "na i in libes aint i"
by rwdnUK October 14, 2010
A myserious animal that has no friends. It likes to stare at walls and jerk off several hundred times in a weekend. It also enjoys watching shock web sites.
Tony "I saw a Beaven in the hall way today, he said to fuck off."
Squid "Same here, im gay"
by Phone Home March 07, 2010
A state of mind where everything around you is superb
"Wow, this is all so beaven!"
"I'm really beaven right now!"
by Tuuuurd March 09, 2010
Someone who looks and acts like a beaver. They chew wood regularly, and can get higly addicted to the crave.
"She has woodchips in her teeth, she definitely has been beaven it up before school."
by OH ya kNOw it May 03, 2006
That one teacher you have that seems to be always high or drunk when coming to class. Often times projects or works for his/her subject that are due at the end of semester, suddenly shifts the next day or the next week.
On a scale of one to Beaven, how high are you?
by thestudentofmanywords July 16, 2016
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