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This is when you and a few friends go out to eat somewhere, once you get there one of the tells you "ahh, i forgot my wallet, can you get {pay for} me"
Beau'd is used when the same person does it more then 5 times in one month.
example: going to get some food, we get in line, i let you order first, then just as im about to order, i say "ahh, i forgot my wallet, can you get {pay for} me" .
the person that is paying says "dude, thats the 5th time this month, stop Beau'in me"
or the other guy that has money and isnt paying for the broke friend says " damn man, he Beau'd you"
by llewsirc September 14, 2006
beaud To call someone a loser or ugly
"Don't be such a beaud"

"That girl is a beaud"
by Pauly The Wop November 27, 2007
To be without hope or to be a box of parts. A negative.
"My sh*t is Beau'd"

"You're such a f*cking Beauf*ck"
by Andrew Lee November 12, 2004
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