beatles (adjective): A word to describe something that is so good it is beyond comprehension; above genius/bliss
Jesus Christ is so beatles.
by God is beatles October 19, 2011
An Oasis tribute band
The Beatles sound EXACTLY like Oasis
by DRANK AND JOSH May 09, 2010
the best beer :)the best beer :) the best beer you will ever set your butt upon.
i love beer, hey you got a beatle, i wov ya mon the beatles, they is best beer
by beerbeerbeer March 26, 2008
kick-ASS group of stoners/LSD dudes from the 60's.
the beatles kick the hairy, hairy nutsack.
by ... November 29, 2003
A really Good rock band of potheads and guitars
I went to a Beatles concert, but I couldent hear anything because all those screaming cunts.
by Kttrr June 08, 2005
The most overrated band in the history of music. While releasing album after album of nearly identical sounding music, they never pushed their "talent" to the next level and attempted to create a better sound.

Popularity cannot be denied, due to the all-too-common "I like what everyone else likes" syndrome most people suffer from. It is considered "uncool" to not like the Beatles, despite the music being dated, and the talent level required to create the music marginal at best.
"The Beatles? Don't own an album, never will. I prefer to listen to great music- such as the God of Music's latest award-winning "3121".
by Druidblue November 27, 2006

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