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It is commonly known that the in the minute an individual dies, any feces in the body will immediatley leave due to intens rectal relaxation, so when saying "I will beat the shit out you" you are suggesting that your beating will result in death and rectal discharge of fecal matter
"Put the bunny down, or i will beat the shit out of you"

"If you go near me with those bees, i will beat the shit out of you"
by Not Timothy Dalton December 02, 2013
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To beat up really, really badly. It's like nearly dying. But worse, because you lived.
I'm gonna fucking beat the shit out of him.
by King Roiben June 02, 2007
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It is when you hit someone very bad; bitch slapping. When you become excessively violent with someone.
I will beat the shit out of that girl as soon as I lay my eyes on her.
by Medusanagini July 25, 2013
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