when a guy is having hard sex with a girl
(sexy girl walks past the boys)

John: Yo Justin would you beat it?

Justin: ofcourse
by Hyphy8 July 19, 2008
A horrible remake of the original song.
wtf, why the fuck did they remake beat it
by IrJo4Life January 08, 2009
u dont like them
no way
beat it nigga i aint doin nothin
by lmao_u_noe March 21, 2009
a slang word usaully said by guys when they want to have relations with a girl.
'ey yo girl when you gonna let me beat?

i'd beat it!

Beat it up!

Hit that with a hammer
by Erichika July 22, 2008
When a guy or girl wants to have sex wit someone.(their own sex)
Yo Ma,when are you gonna let me beat it?
by Teresa March 25, 2003
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