A Single From the Best Selling Album of All Time, "Michael Jackson's Thriller." His dance skills and singing is used to break up and prevent a Knife Fight.
Beat It features a guitar solo by Eddie Van Halen.
by MJJ Productions© July 14, 2009
Top Definition
A fantastic single from Michael Jackson's album Thriller. Michael Jackson's dancing, in the music video, breks up a knife fight. Score!
Beat It features a guitar solo by Eddie Van Halen.
by Bjorn Turok November 19, 2007
(Tell a person to leave)
If you don't like somebody just tell them beat it
by 50 Cent March 23, 2003
1) Leave, get the fuck out of here
Ayy you,yea you, BEAT IT.
by Johnny Latts September 24, 2006
A slang synonym for masturbate
I like to beat it while watching lesbian porn.
by LordMelkor July 20, 2005
Dismissive term used to indicate your disinterest or desire not to be involved. Often accompanied by a casually dismissive wave of the backhand. Should always be used with a tone of superiority.
mc: dood, that drunk broad was all over you.
dm: word, I told'er to beat it.

bum: excuse me miss/sir, can you please spare some change
dm: beat it
by Ramreezy November 07, 2005
When a man stimulates his own penis for pleasure
When a guy rejects one too many offers to beat it up, he's left to beat it in the bathroom.
by D in the B December 03, 2013
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