when your mind clicks after popping off and all of a sudden you feel angry...and you stay up all night so it gets you even angrier. its a state of mind in which you become very annoyed with anything that bugs you or comes between your path of wut you need to accomplish.
Henessey, bag of dro, thats all i need im goin in BEASTMODE.
by L mOtha fuKiN B September 03, 2006
"A.K.A Mode of the Beast" A action that randomly occurs in Drunken stages or city cruises. A sudden urge to dominate all living forms of life. By Yelling, Mental, or physical actions. Also has Different levels. From 1 to beast mode level 23.
Kelvin hit beast mode 23 in his retarted eyepatch pose.
by Dubiasay September 14, 2003
Beast Mode it usally refered to in the south as after about one hour from taking ecstacy, you start to feel alot more out-going, open to everything, and if you are in the club, then every song that is played is "YOUR SONG". When out on the dance floor, you become a Beast wit it.
Ol G boy was on the dance floor goin in beast mode.

Popped one, popped two, now I'm goin in Beast Mode.
by TheCandyMan October 28, 2006
To go basically into over drive when u crank a beastmode
especially when u fight when u crank a beastmode fighting u begin to b able 2 take more punches and dish more out and fatigue becomes a thing of the past. its almost like godmode but u dont want anyone 2 go beastmode on u cuz you'll likey wind up dead because a person who cranks beastmode in a fite is most likey angry and beastmode will only wear off when they feel like the've stomp yo ass enuf or feel sorry for u.
Justin 10 pieced me in my face and knocked me down but Crank a beastmode when i got up he kept punchin me in my face but i didnt feel anything now i drew back and power punched his ass, once he fell down i cranked beastmode again and started stompin his ass.
by Antwon Key August 24, 2007
A decepting looking girl who is freakishly ugly.
She looked fine from behind, but when she turned around she was in Beast Mode.
by ickzer1 October 19, 2003
1. battle in' mode, I am going to fuckin' kill you cuz I am thirsty for blood type shit;

2. I got a big cack; wsup bitch= hollerin' mode, I beat the pussy up and she knows it....yep. My words get you wet cuz they're fit for your ear drum, I got a bid dick that will make your bitch cum; come get some mindset

3. get your mind right I'm a god damn super hero ninja mother fucker; dont't fuck wid it, in other words your a fuckin puts and I'm a fuckin nutz, loco guerilla, go godzilla on your bitch ass (pussy)
1. This motherfucka made me go beast mode on his bitch ass; so I knocked his panzy ass out!

2. I tapped that pussy so hard she was lovin it. She told me while I was fuckin her, "fuck me hard", "go beast mode daddy."

3. My pimp game is good, but my beast mode is better. I'm a motherfuckin' animal!
by infantry7 June 22, 2009
Comes from the Transformers series Beast Wars, which is nothing compared to the original Transformers.
Megatron was too cool to use Beast Mode.

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