1. battle in' mode, I am going to fuckin' kill you cuz I am thirsty for blood type shit;

2. I got a big cack; wsup bitch= hollerin' mode, I beat the pussy up and she knows it....yep. My words get you wet cuz they're fit for your ear drum, I got a bid dick that will make your bitch cum; come get some mindset

3. get your mind right I'm a god damn super hero ninja mother fucker; dont't fuck wid it, in other words your a fuckin puts and I'm a fuckin nutz, loco guerilla, go godzilla on your bitch ass (pussy)
1. This motherfucka made me go beast mode on his bitch ass; so I knocked his panzy ass out!

2. I tapped that pussy so hard she was lovin it. She told me while I was fuckin her, "fuck me hard", "go beast mode daddy."

3. My pimp game is good, but my beast mode is better. I'm a motherfuckin' animal!
by infantry7 June 22, 2009
Top Definition
A hype, energetic, outgoing, wilding out state of mind.
Whenever I hit the bar my mind goes into beast mode.
by gmoney September 19, 2003
When in a state of serious training or at a level of high effort.
Animal was going Beast Mode in practice
by Carl Valle March 04, 2004
From the series Beast Wars. Reverting to Beast Mode was when either Predacons or Maximals transformed into their animals forms. In Beast Mode, they were usually able to move faster and transforming also sped up their internal repairs. Also, in the first season, reverting to Beast Mode protected them from Energon poisoning, which was what happened when they were exposed to too much raw energon.
We've been transformed too long! Quickly! Revert to Beast Mode!
by Strikerflame August 08, 2005
1. Superhuman state of being, in which animal instinct takes over mind and body.

2. From the popular Sega arcade game, Altered Beast, in which the game hero transforms into various beasts with exceptional abilities.

3. Marshawn Lynch touchdown, Seahawks vs. Saints 2011
by ItsFuckingMe January 15, 2011
Mode that you switch into when doing hardcore activities; having beast-like characteristics.
Dude, you're not gonna sleep for a week? You are in beastmode.
by wtfook July 16, 2005
1.A state of or doing anything accessively and or aggressively; wildin' out
"The cops where chasing me down the Ave. so I went into beast mode; jumped over a couple of fences into a few backyards I blew on them and left them 10 blocks behind me."
"After they smoked that ounce of weed, Kelly and Shelly went beast mode on the french fries as a result of having the munchies."
"While we were f***in I went beast mode on her p***y!"
by MakneJerkNU February 23, 2005
Marshawn Lynch, Buffalo Bills beast mode running back.
When I saw that woman in the crosswalk, I shifted into beast mode.
by ben mcpherson January 08, 2009
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