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A very charismatic individual who is good at sports particularly football... This person knows how to have a good time and is always up for fun, can be a bit inappropriate at times and gets a little bit too comfy around his friends, but all in good fun.
He is an active member in "Brown Man Crew"
aka....Black Jesus
Has hair like Brazilian Deep Curly,
A Ruzzle lover, A gadget and electronics enthusiast
Hue-Hue is the sound a Jahvid makes
All in all, a pretty good fella

"this is the life i chose, gun shots in the dark one eye close"
Jahvid is a real baller like a Caribbean Messi, An S4 would not be the same without a Jahvid, Hue Hue is the sound a Jahvid makes
by brownmancrewaffiliate December 02, 2013