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1.A state of or doing anything accessively and or aggressively; wildin' out
"The cops where chasing me down the Ave. so I went into beast mode; jumped over a couple of fences into a few backyards I blew on them and left them 10 blocks behind me."
"After they smoked that ounce of weed, Kelly and Shelly went beast mode on the french fries as a result of having the munchies."
"While we were f***in I went beast mode on her p***y!"
by MakneJerkNU February 23, 2005
1.Past tense of the word blow which means to leave.
2.Slang term meaning left.
Usualy used in broken english or ebonics when speaking of leaving quickly or left really fast.
"Jim challenged me to a 10 block race. I was winning then he blew on me after the 5th block."
by MakneJerkNU February 23, 2005
Slang term for that heroin.Dat meaning that and white meaning heroin.
junkie:"Yo man u got dat white?"
by MakneJerkNU February 24, 2005
1.Leave 2.release of air form ones mouth or cheeks after it has been inflated with air by the process of inhaling deeply then exhaling deeply.
3. First word of the compound word blowjob generally meaning giving oral contact to ones sexual organ and continually to blow on it while using other elements oral or otherwise in order to create a sexually simulated satisfactory or orgasm.
4.A sigh usually a response or sign of ones feelings such anger,relief,etc.
Definition 1: "Yo Imma about to blow up outta here."
Definition 2: "The cops told me to blow on the breath-a-lizer."
Defintion 3:"She gave me a mean blowjob. She started to blow on my d*** and lick my balls at the same time until I nutted in her mouth."
Definition 4:
Parent:"Don't you blow at me child!"
by MakneJerkNU February 23, 2005
1.a nasty person in the sexual sense of the word nasty.
2.An insult used towards a female/male when referring to her/him as a slut, to being highly sexually active and or guilty of participating in what is to be seen as unusual sex acts.
"That nasty b**** is nothing more than a nut job."
"So what you f***ed madd girls Tommy, that just makes you a nut job."
"ILL your room is a nut job!Don't you think its time to like CLEAN IT!!??"
by MakneJerkNU February 24, 2005
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