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The awesome shapeshifting hero of Teen Titans.
Beast Boy turned into a Gorilla and defeated the criminals
by Jennifer February 06, 2005
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The comic relief guy in the cartoon/anime, he can change into any animal, but gets his butt kicked a lot.
Beast boy: (Gasp) ahhh its so shiny....
VG tester: Yes, its very shiny.
by Damob47 September 20, 2009
A character on the cartoon network show teen titans.
Beast Boy is on of the 5 main protagonists on the show. He has the ability to change into any animal temporarily. He frequently morphs into a gorilla or a shark depending on the situation.
"Oh damn beast boy turned into a another animal."
"Holy shit. I'm so fucking stoned right now and teen titans in the best show evar!"
by Occultaura January 18, 2010
A Beastboy is someone possed by the druid powers of Orgrimmar. they live can survive up to 20 years in the harsh environment of the isle of wight and can change form.
An exapmle of this would be a feral child but beastboy is for a male one.
by Poroop July 26, 2006
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