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A bearicorn is a mammal that is a cross-breed between a bear and a unicorn. It usually consists of a large Grizzly Bear with a horn sprouting in between its eyes. A bearicorn is very vicious and will attack upon sight. The term was coined by Rooster Teeth productions during a gameplay walkthrough of the Rockstar game Red Dead Redemption when the host of the video threw an axe at the bear's face and called it a bearicorn.

A bearicorn with two horns (very rare sighting) is called a double bearicorn and is usually about ten times more vicious than a regular bearicorn. Do not dare to harass a double bearicorn. Although they look harmless, they will kill upon sight faster and quicker than a regular bearicorn. The only way to kill one is with a buffalo rifle to the face.

Josh: That's a funny looking bear!
Mike: That's a bearicorn! Get away from it!
Josh: Don't be a wimp! Go touch it!
(Mike gets mauled by bearicorn as Josh runs away screaming like Justin Bieber)
by viciousburrito9 November 23, 2010