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adverb - to rob, kill, or attack someone without a mask bare faced.
Ya Boy "damn, blood, went over there snatched his loot bear face?"

Big D "yea, he ran up in there wit no mask and took his shit"
by east_bay April 24, 2011
I person who gets humps in the face by a bear
i heard you got humped in the face by a bear, oh you got bearfaced
by Blizzard 157 calli January 15, 2010
A Native American who's skills with women are unsurpassed; relating to how Brown Bears can catch numerous fish in one place in the river. First know usage was on Standing Rock Reservation in the Dakotas during the late 1980's.
I pulled so many women from the bar last night, I was Bearface.
by ghettoprophet August 26, 2011
A cuddley term of endearment. Not referring to any bear-like physical attributes of the person described, instead describing their cute, fuzzy nature.
'Oh you are my favourite bearface ever! Snuggle?'
by buttonbean July 12, 2008
An extremely unattractive person, usually a female. Earliest known use of the word was in George Washington Carver Hall of Howard University.
Sorry I'm late, this bearface dug her claws in to me on the bus.
by Thandrophir September 11, 2007
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