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When one covers oneself in peanut butter, and engages in a fifteen hooker gangbang.
"Get out the peanut butter bitches! Its George Washington Carver time!"
by mattq November 07, 2005
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He's a dude who discovered A LOT of uses for peanuts.
George Washington Carver made: medicine, skin moisturizer, a school on a bus, like 160 different medicines, peanutbutter, peanut oil, and way more than that. If he were here today he could make cars run on peanuts :).
by PEANUT POWER May 08, 2009
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Smothering your balls with peanut butter and having a dog lick it off.
Dan buys peanut butter in bulk because he loves giving Alli's dog the George Washington Carver.
by Riley at slb November 13, 2006
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