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An adjective, referring to Bear Grylls, the British man who is a former member of SAS, the world record holder for being the youngest British person ever to climb Mount Everest and survive. Bear Grylls is also the host of the Discovery Channel program "Man Vs. Wild." On this program, Grylls constantly risks life and limb to demonstrate how to survive in different climates and situations. The term "Bear Grylls" is used to describe something incredibly daring, brave, manly, or just rediculously awesome.
Johnny shaves with a knife. Johnny is bear grylls.

Steve is bear grylls because he fought a lion with his bare hands.
by Wenzel March 16, 2007
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The most badass motherfucker ever. Best known for his show, Man Vs Wild on the discovery channel. This guy will do anything possible to survive while trying to get out of a certain harsh environment. Such as, drinking your own piss or eating a sheeps eyeball. Although there are claims of his show being "fake", it's still very educational and helpful.
Bear Grylls is one of the coolest brits alive(IMO)
by tonitewedineinhell December 14, 2007
Adj. - To identify any living thing as a good source of protein before cutting its head off and eating it.
Guy 1: I threw a large piece of wood at a rabbits head and killed it.
Guy 2: Damn son. Bear Grylls that shit!
by Johnny Dickionary November 13, 2007
The baddest motherfucker alive
Bear Grylls>Les Stroud
by elchupanibre November 30, 2007
1. A hardcore British mountaineer, ex-army character with a tendancy for extremely adventurous behaviour. Once fell out of a plane over the Sahara desert.

2. A slang word for pills, a.k.a, ecstacy, beans, e. Consumed in nightclubs and parties across the world. The phrase is understood to have originated around the East London club scene.
"Did you see Bear Grylls last night? He made a raft out of his own face after killing a crocodile with a spoon".

"Man, I'm totally fucked and gurning my face off, where's that kid who sold me the Bear Grylls? I want some more".
by Nicky D September 18, 2007
suffered a free-fall parachuting accident in Africa where he broke his back in three places. After months of rehabilitation, focusing always on his childhood dream of Everest, he slowly became strong enough to attempt the ultimate ascent of the world's highest peak. (WOOO!)

Bear became the youngest man to climb everest. And now in his spare time enjoys jumping out of aeroplanes over the wilderness and finding his way back to civilisation

I wuv you Bear.
Bear Grylls > God

Cant be put any other way.
by PolitiK May 25, 2007
The worlds first cool british person
Bear Grylls is the only cool brit i know
by poopsacola February 16, 2009
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