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Facts about the way bear grylls eats, travels, speaks, and his past accomplishments.

Have you ever eaten the testicals of an ant to survive?.. yeah Bear Grylls has.

Hide your pets folks cause Bear Grylls may attempt to show you what parts you can eat so you may survive the wilderness.

Bear grylls is so tough that a twinkey some twigs and a slightly used paperclip is all he needs in his survival pack.

Bear Grylls ran out of food and ran to the local zoo.... there were no survivors.

Bear Grylls new career path, Exterminator, he doesnt use any chemicals he just goes in there and eats them.

Vit..Im..Ins the new way to get rid of your indigestion ... Bear Grylls approved.

Bear Grylls has changed his name to Bear Gryllse. the "e" at the end of it shows he means business.

Want to know who bigfoot is its Bear Grylls after a month of "survival" ......and no razors.

Bear grylls dives into random frozen streams and rivers naked not to show you how to survive he does it for the thrill and to keep his balls from chafing.

Bear Grylls doesnt know the definition of inedable.

There was once a boy who was geneticly made to survive anything, eat anything and to have the endurance unmatched by any human being... this boy was sent to kill bear grylls this boy is now his camera crew.
Bear Grylls can eat coal and shit diamonds.

Bear Grylls once hung a bear up in a tree to keep it from being eaten by his food.

Bear Grylls name is hotly debated most people believe that he wrestled a live bear and won. this is just a cover story....

Bear Grylls can climb the side of a cliff with a toothpick, chicken wire, half of an eight year old boy, and a license plate.

There is a long list of what Bear Grylls can do... this list is the guiness book of world records.

Have you ever seen Bear Grylls shit... NO cause he sticks it back up there and throws up the animal he just ate only to eat it again for the nutrients.

Give Bear a fish and he'll eat for a day give him a fishing rod and he'll make a raft and leave your damn island.
by JimmyTheOrc November 16, 2009
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