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Term that defines a small hairy gay man
Come over and have gay sex with Daddy Bear and Cory the BEAR CUB
by M Mac December 07, 2007
(Occasionally "cubby bear"): A hairy young gay man with the beginnings of a bear's burly or stocky figure. He doesn't have to be short; to indicate shortness of stature or slenderness in a hairy young gay man, the going term is "otter".

"Roman Wright is six foot two and hairy-chested. He's a bear cub because he's only 28 years old.

With that height, he will definitely never be an otter, though."
by al-in-chgo February 26, 2010
A tall, handsome man who resembles a baby bear. Usually with big brown eyes and strong (possibly hairy) arms to cuddle the chubby-handed creatures that go by the name of 'Lucy'. Bear cubs often attract the prettiest Lucy's with their wit, charm and good looks. Some bear cubs are also know to be proficient when texting in a sexual nature. This doubles up as a mating call for the Lucy creatures.
Look, there goes that Bear Cub trying to get off with Lucy.
by goughy2601 April 12, 2011
a boy from the west coast with a ridiculous fringe. often gingerish and runs like a gazel
he's such a bearcub
by boardyy September 21, 2009
v. To attempt an action without any skill, finesse, or dexterity.
Regina Spektor was doing alright in her set until she brought out a guitar and proceeded to bear cub the shit out of it.
by spinofdoom March 10, 2008
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