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A period of time where all matter is replaced with bears, except for humans and bears. This includes air, because of this humans would need to adapt to be able to breath bears. In addition to the change of matter, all empty space would be replaced by swarms of bees.
1. A bear age is similar to an ice age, only the Earth would be engulfed with bears, not ice.
2. Global Warming is going to cause the next bear age.
3. During a bear age, the ground is made of bears, the air is made of bears, the trees are made of bears, homes are made of bears, even bears are made of bears.
4. During a bear age, bees are not made of matter; and all matter is made of bears.
by Thomcat123 February 06, 2010
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the state of feeling all fuzzy inside
The bearage I feel when speaking with Nicole is unbearable.
by Coli December 02, 2006

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