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If you are infected with bear AIDS, from any commonplace bear, you will in fact turn into a Werebear, and your facial hair will grow extremely fast, once a month your will turn into a bear; when there is no moon, and you will have the opportunity to ravage the townsfolk with your furry muzzle.
Tom: "Wow, what did Ross do with that grizzly last night?"
DAVE: "I dunno, but I think he got bear AIDS"
Tom: "That's cool i guess."
DAVE: "No dude once a month he becomes temperamental and goes to town and kills folks."
Tom: "Oh well F*** that Sh!T!!!!
by r0ss1234 January 17, 2012
Ursine auto-immune deficiency syndrome. A similar, more savage version of the human AIDS virus which is found in several species of Northern American bears. An excellent resource for additional information is available online at
This grizzley has contracted bearaids! Great Scott!
by Good Doctor October 22, 2008
Similar from Superaids!
Comes from a Grizzley Bear
E.G " Oh! dude, you have bear aids!"
by Bare Boy July 19, 2008

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