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keeping your penis in a pickle jar for 8 days or until wrinkly, you then buy a duck, abuse it, dress it in a sailor suit and rape it to the song ive got a feeling chipmunk remix
french kimchi
by foooswagga February 09, 2010
a frat boy who is fat annoying and has asthma sneaks into your dorm at night and jacks off in your closet until he has a asthma attack and gets the old choad hawk from your gay brothers old sweaty dog, you then have to call the police because he may die, they simply call taco bell and have the mexican cashier rape his knocked out body. olay!
stealth choad bomber
by foooswagga February 09, 2010
when you jack off into a soccer sock and then cover it in axle grease, light it on fire, and hurling it, like a molotov cocktail
instead of fag grenades, use your molotov socktail
by foooswagga February 09, 2010
A fat frat boy who sits on his ass watching discovery channel programs on tigers and eating massive amounts of Cool Ranch doritos and drink massive amounts of health shakes. He constantly gos on safari and cockblocks the tigers.
wow that guys a real Cool Ranch Tiger playa-hater!
by foooswagga February 09, 2010
The practice of inserting up to five pineapples filled with oozing yogurt up a brazilian whores vagina then shove your dick into the whole of one of the pineapples until you excrete, then make her eat the pineapple, then have her throw up into your ass
she wanted to brazilian pineapple shove
i'd rather blow a chameleon
by foooswagga February 09, 2010
When four or five guys team up on a single girl and sexually harass her until she begins to secretly cut the back of their scrotums until their testicles dangle out of the back of their pants
Hey, you wanna do me on a chinese bed
Not until fifth period chinese
by foooswagga February 09, 2010
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