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Female equivalent of a boner. An erect clitoris. Adaption of 'flick the bean' as in to stimulate the clitoris.
'you know when she's liking it from the size of her beana.'

'man that chick was a squirter with a massive beana.'

'my trans f-buddy is growing one hell of a beana.'

'my slightly retarded toddler just won't stop playing with her bits until she gets hold of her beana, and off she goes.'
by Subversive June 29, 2012
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Beana is beaner just that it's in slang.A beana is a Mexican person.It could be a chicano or an illegal mexican.It doesn't neccesairly have to be an illegal mexican a.k.a. wetback. Some people say beaner/beana to be racist, they use it as a racial comment. Don't be hatin on me because I said wetback because I is one!
Whut up my beana! Q-vole mi beaner!
Look at datt beana workin!
by eXIVer March 07, 2006
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a mean blow job given by some random, drunken skank behind a dumpster out back of Paddy Smelly's
hey baby how 'bout a quick beana?
by carbonya November 18, 2010
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Any one who really loves to eat beans in a unusual quanity. This person will sit down and eat cans at a time, most likely because they are a vegetarian. This person does not have to be of latino decent.
"Don't put the beans next to Beana... she'll eat all the beans!"
by kirchka January 18, 2010
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Beana Derives From Tha Word Beaner, But Mexicans Want To Say A Bad Slang Term Like Nigga, And They're Lazy
What Up My Beana, I'll Beat Yo Ass!
by Adrian Fundillo October 25, 2004
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a beana is a blowjob or the act of oral sex
i got a sweet beana from this chick last night
by Sweendawg June 02, 2006
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