noun, a bag of marijuana containing many seeds (also a racist term for a mexican or person of latin descent).
Let your boy know that Im not havin' it. This weed is fulla seeds. This fool can keep this fuckin bean bag Im not buying it.
by Deeh May 16, 2008
A very fat person, especially a woman.
"Did you see that bean bag order two steaks?"
by bonkey February 06, 2008
A state of catatonic pleasure often caused buy an intense period of sitting around doing fuck all, drinking Special brew. Shamians have trained for years to reach such a state, but "bean bag" is often aquired by homeless people in glasgow at least 16 times a day, untill they collapse
*A Hobo reaches "bean Bag" for the 7th time in one day*
Hobo 1"hooooo fuckin noooo way this is like a sack of dead unwanted kittens, but better cos theres no cats involved"
Hobo 2"indeed"
Hobo 1"yes, indeed"
by penis-vagina July 30, 2005
Scott Montgomery who lives in Glens Falls
Scott is a beanbag, without a doubt.
by Anonymous October 15, 2003
When someone is being a waste of time, fat fuck that isn't at all amusing you with his/her large head.
"Kaylim, your being a bean bag fuck i'm going to slide tackle your Dad'
by GazzyThirdLeg November 05, 2015

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