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The bean hole is another term for sphincter or anus.
For example, "I want to poke you in the bean hole," or, "Hey dude, she takes it in the bean hole."
by AGCG01 January 21, 2010
A bean hole is the result when one
with poor machining skills misses the
marked area to drill a hole. The
person then uses the drill as an end mill
to route the miss-drilled hole to the correct location resulting in an oblong hole that resembles the shape of a bean.
"Greg keeps drilling bean holes in the panels."
by procyonlotor October 09, 2006
To have a short and flabby penis. Also the hole is dismantled and closed.
Brent Cheetham wants bobbys beanhole.
by BeanHoleManiac December 07, 2010
A nickname for someone or something curled up in a ball so that they look like a bean.
robin: stupid kitty. get up beanhole.
by jazzy October 18, 2004
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