An insult to someone; however, this is not a racial insult. Everyone can be a bean head.
My brother is such a bean head, he gets on my nerves so much.
by LovePriceless March 31, 2009
Top Definition
Are you a coffee lover? Do you drink at least 1 coffee a day? Do you crave coffee? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then guess what, you too are a BEAN HEAD
I drink coffee everyday, I am a bean head
coffee lover coffee drinker coffee
by Bean Head Coffee September 27, 2013
1. head shaped like a bean
beanhead...head shaped like a bean
by big in sheboigan April 29, 2005
Some one with a long bean shaped head (e.g. Curtis May)
Curtis May has a bean head...
by BeanHead123 April 12, 2015
a head shaped like a lima or kidney bean.
Hey look at that kids bean head, i bet you if i punched him in the head hard enough, chillie would fly everywhere
by kcisgmvf,bdbgkbfxdhbghkxdbljh December 03, 2009
Used as a term of endearment for someone who has done something silly or slightly foolish, or is more than a silly-billy but less than a dickhead.
Awww, you're such a beanhead!
by meowMEnow July 27, 2011
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