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When a person is chirpin or attempting to insult you
Buddy over there is beakin
keep them gums beakin' boyy
by piitz4 January 13, 2010
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Dangerous. Getting highly intoxicated from large doses of drugs or alcohol in a small amount of time causing a person to pass out or become out of it or very ill. Usually taken place at parties or teenage get togathers.
Sam- Bro. Do you remember last night? We were beakin so hard. i passed out and i have no idea what happend.
Adam- i know man! Its sad for my brain cells!

Tom- We beakin tonight bro?
Dan- Hell naw. You tryin to die?
by Fogol Manogolllll! June 15, 2009
8 12
a term for someone who has a huge nose that looks like a cross between a bird beak and a mountian.
JOHN: Dang! Look at that guys beakin!
ASHLEY: OMG its huge!
JOHN: Im glad my nose is small!
ASHLEY: Me to! Id hate to have a beakin!
by M3G@N & T@R!'s W0RD! July 28, 2008
7 16